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  Westfields is the closest guest house to the gorgeous Ashes Venue which is used for weddings and corporate events.


If you are attending a wedding at the Ashes Venue you may care to take advantage of our FREE lift to and from the venue, typically saving between £15 and £20 per couple on taxi fares. We will take you to the venue at any time of your choosing given reasonable notice, although we will always try to consolidate trips. We will then collect you at any time up to midnight and return you safely back to Westfields. In this way you can enjoy your wedding celebrations without worrying about the cost or inconvenience of booking taxis. Please be aware that this service is offered strictly as a courtesy to Westfields customers and we will not extend the service after 12pm midnight under any circumstances. The Ashes closes strictly at 12pm midnight in any case.

You can of course book the whole of Westfields and turn your celebrations into a country house weekend, with access to a private lounge for your sole use. Please ask for details.